The road ahead for women in transport

BIG YEAR AHEAD: New TWA chair Jacquelene Brotherton will have a lot on her plate.
BIG YEAR AHEAD: New TWA chair Jacquelene Brotherton will have a lot on her plate. FILE

THERE is no such thing as a slow start to the year for anyone in the transport industry, and newly appointed Transport Women Australia chair Jacquelene Brotherton is no exception.

As part of her plans for the association, the vibrant industry leader hopes to build on established connections and highlight the positive aspects of the industry in the wider community.

"The group was originally founded in 1999, by a group of eight women as a support and network group, with work also in research and lobbying," Jacquelene said.

With the association conference set for mid-year, Jacquelene - who served previously in the role in 2011 - sees a number of other projects on the horizon.

"I believe now it will still contribute to those roles but, at the moment, we are also looking further into improving the profile and image of the transport industry, the profile of women.

"We need to show not only girls and women, but anyone looking for a career change, that a job in transport can be a great option," she said.

One of the outreach initiatives already undertaken by the association includes a connection with the Girl Guides.

"The Girl Guides can now get a wheels badge," Jacquelene said.

The program includes a colouring book and learning resource guides will work through to earn the award while learning about careers in transport.

"We are getting people when they are young and impressionable and hopefully still excited and looking for a future in trucking," she said.

"We want to get out there and get people excited about it, we are here and we want to strive for that change."

With an extensive history in the sector Jacquelene, has worked for several major transport companies with 20 years in livestock transport and roles in fleet management, general and refrigerated transport operations as well as owning her own truck.

For the past decade, she has taken on the role of transport manager for Oxford Cold Storage.

"There are a number of projects we can't quite

talk about yet but the board is enthusiastic and has women from all different areas of the industry, so hopefully people will be seeing much more of us," she said.

Jacquelene follows former association chair Pam McMillan.

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