FOUR ON THE FLOOR: NHVR Chief Engineer Les Bruzsa with the showstopper B-quad in Forbes.
FOUR ON THE FLOOR: NHVR Chief Engineer Les Bruzsa with the showstopper B-quad in Forbes.

Trailblazing B-quad turns heads

A NEW B-quad purchased by Victoria's Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd ticks all of the boxers for weight over the axles, stability, safety, efficiency and flexibility, according to company director Angelo Lamattina.

Established in 1991, Rocky Lamattina & Sons has emerged as an icon in the fresh produce markets around Australia and had its first property, 6000 acres at Wemen, some 75km southeast of Mildura.

Since then the company has bought carrot growing properties at Kaniva about 350km from Wemen and at St George, Qld.

Rocky Lamattina & Sons employs in excess of 65 staff to plough, sow, harvest, wash and pack the produce.

Excellent administration is the key to success for an operation of this size which prides itself on service.

Rocky and his sons Angelo, Phillip and John ensure that quality, efficiency and accuracy operate at all levels of the business, all staff have an important part to play in the delivery of quality carrots to all outlets.

The company is able to process up to 600 tonnes per week and they pride themselves in being most consistent carrot producers in Australia. Its development is based on the use of the best available technology, experience and hard work.

The quad trailer set was manufactured by Southern Cross Trailers and is a combination they're proud to call an Australian first.

Angelo Lamattina spoke to Big Rigs about the quad set and the impact it has had on transporting carrots.

"We first started 27 years ago with one farm at Wemen and our primary business was to grow carrots which we used to do all year round,” Angelo said.

"But with the drought and cost of water we wanted another property which we obtained at Kaniva 350km away and grew there in summer time and at Wemen in winter.

"We used mainly B-doubles but wanted to make it work better and got a B-triple permit to run from Kaniva to Wemen.”

The need for a third location was required to bolster winter production so the company purchased a property at St George in the Sunshine State for transportation between there and Wemen.

"We wanted to be as efficient as possible that is when the idea of the B-quad was born after we joined 3 As and a B for a length of 36.5m,” he said.

With a Kenworth 200 up front the quad trailer set which totals 36.5m in length has been a great success.

"The combination reduces the weight per axle and it has ticked all the boxes for us. It has made it easier and better,” Angelo said.

Southern Cross Trailers Business Development Engineer Phill Ramfos said that extensive testing led to the verdict this combination offers benefits far beyond just payload.

"It's not just unique in its configuration, its unique in how it distributes the mass across the axle loads,” he said.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) chief engineer Les Bruzsa said this B-quad offers significant productivity gains over a traditional Type 1 road train.

"This is the first B-quad that's not a mining vehicle,” Mr Bruzsa said.

The star attraction at the recent Forbes Harvest Field Day is also the first to be approved under PBS high productivity scheme on public roads, with a General Mass Limit (GML) of 103 tonnes and a Higher Mass Limit (HML) of 105.5 tonnes.

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