Driver in near-miss crash caught on film should be punished

A TRUCKIE who captured chilling footage of a speeding motorist narrowly miss an oncoming car at Landsborough wants the driver sent to jail.

The video, taken from inside the 40-tonne Clayton's Towing truck, shows a driver come within seconds of colliding head-on with another car on Maleny-Landsborough Rd.

The Clayton's Towing driver, who did not want to be named, said it was the closest near-miss collision he had seen in 51-years as a truck driver.

"I saw the oncoming car's headlights from around the corner so I dimmed my lights," the truck driver said.

"The next thing I knew the car behind me was speeding up next to me on the wrong side of the road.

"It was so quick - I don't know how they didn't hit. I had to brake to let him in - if I didn't brake they both would probably be dead."

The section of road is a 60kmh zone at the end of a steep hill, where truck drivers use low gears to negotiate the decline.

The truck driver said he had just reached the maximum speed when he was overtaken.

"The driver had been travelling on my tail for quite some time down the hill, which I was taking slow because it is steep," he said.

"Given the driver's impatient attitude and the fact that he nearly killed someone, he should at least have his licence removed and probably go to jail."

The man's registration details and video footage have been sent to police.

Beerwah police officer-in-charge Bruce Duck said officers would investigate all reported traffic matters.

"Once we have the details and can identify the car and driver, then we can make inquiries from there," Senior Sergeant Duck said.

"Police do all they can to follow up on any complaints regarding dangerous traffic matters."

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