Top ten : Dash Cam fools truckies love to hate

ANY driver would tell you road rage and near misses are a fact of life on the road; we've all grumbled at reckless hoons and we've all cringed at the close calls. 

But now, thanks to the invention of Dash Cams we have the opportunity to capture and share these dangerous drivers with the world. 

Here at Big Rigs we've dug through our vaults to pull together our Top ten list of some of the most terrifying Dash Cam moments caught by truckies on our highways and byways.

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10. Drive-through close call

FED UP with bad drivers, truck driver Stuart Rodney Masters collects footage of reckless motorists and shares it with the world.

This distracted driver was too busy tucking in to their fast food to watch where they were going.  

9. Volkswagen takes on truck

THIS Volkswagen was close to being crushed while trying to "undertake" a semi in Toowoomba Queensland.  

Dash cam footage clearly shows the truck has its indicator on ready to turn as the white car attempts to slip in on the right.

8. 'Undertaker' taught lesson

ONCE again the indicator is flashing, and once again an impatient driver comes off worse for wear. 

A local Road Policing Unit Sergeant confirmed that the driver of the utility was at fault.  

7. Tow truck catches near miss

Frightening footage of a driver narrowly missing an oncoming car was captured on camera by a Sunshine Coast tow truck driver. 

The tow truck was doing 60 kph and hit brakes to let car in according to the Facebook user who linked the video footage.

6. Overtaking move caught on camera

DASH cam footage captures a terrifying overtaking move on a two lane highway.

The high-speed footage was captured outside of Toowoomba, Queensland. 

5. Heavy rig gets break checked 

A FULLY loaded vehicle transporter deals with a road rage frenzied Prado driver, as he tried to overtake. 

Twice the Prado driver swerves dangerously to prevent the truck from overtaking. 

4. Dangerous moves 

 A WHITE station wagon narrowly misses a B-Double truck as it overtakes on a NSW highway.

The 84-year-old man behind the wheel with dangerous overtaking after a dash cam video was supplied to police in New South Wales's south.

3. B-Double's speedy reaction   

FAR from a fool and more of a hero, watch this B-Double driver quickly avoid a sudden traffic jam on a Sydney motorway. 

The pile up was narrowly avoided by the fast moving driver. 

2. Truck drivers calls out distracted driver

CAUTION LANGUAGE: THIS cluey truck drivers calls it as a distracted motorist rolls on Sydney's M2. 

The original footage was shared on the Dash Cam Owners Australia page. 

1. Big rig cut off

ONE foolish motorist dares to tangle with a fully loaded truck on a Queensland motorway.

Cutting the driver off twice the car stops on the freeway and continues to cause trouble. 

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