OPEN THEM UP: TWAL chair Jacquelene Brotherton wants the states to open their borders again. Picture: Jerad Williams
OPEN THEM UP: TWAL chair Jacquelene Brotherton wants the states to open their borders again. Picture: Jerad Williams

Time to open up our country

As we move towards some states loosening of the lockdowns restrictions and being allowed to visit family and friends, the spectre of the unemployment figures and the businesses unable to recover looms large.

With some states wanting to keep their borders closed until much later in the year and some very slow to consider the easing of even the simplest of the restrictions, the Australian economy and most businesses face a long road to recovery.

State borders need to re-open as soon as possible, we are one country!

This is not Europe where it is the country’s borders that are closed and it is their right to keep them closed if they wish.

By all means, keep the international borders closed if necessary but Australia is an island country whose national economy needs the boost of the ability of its citizens to travel freely wherever they wish within the entire country.

We should be allowed to travel whether it is for business, recreation, to visit family or for no reason at all.

There is no good reason to keep the borders closed or indeed to keep us in lockdown, to do so is a complete over-reaction and shows a disconnection between the politicians and the people they are supposed to serve.

What businesses the drought, fires and floods didn’t kill off completely, especially in tourism and hospitality, the government might if they don’t put some real thought into allowing the Australian people their freedom.

I sure as heck hope they don’t anticipate that when people start dying from the normal flu season this winter that they think they can lock us up again, claiming it is COVID-19 back again.

It is amazing how few people are dying of natural causes these days, and I would like to get a truly honest report on the effect on mental health and the suicide rate over the first half of this year.

If we add this cost to the cost of the failed businesses, job losses and government packages, I am not sure who will say that the internal restrictions were really worth the cost.

Immediate closure of international borders to everyone when the news of the pandemic was released may have been a better deterrent.

Now to other news, we wish Geoff Crouch all the very best in his post Australian Trucking Association chair life.

We welcome David Smith who appears to have hit the ground running with a strong agenda.

With face-to-face gatherings still limited in numbers, Transport Women Australia Limited is organising an online forum for next month and a full conference in Melbourne for May, 2021.

Sometimes you just “gotta” have faith!

We are also hoping to move ahead with our other programs over the next few weeks and with some more of that faith to be able to stage some functions before the year ends and maybe offer up a surprise or two.

If you wish to contact TWAL about any of its programs, membership, sponsorship or events, you can email or call me on 0417422319.

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