IMAGINE being able to scan pallet documents on the road and send them electronically back to the office.

What about being able to tell the boss that you are stuck in traffic with the touch of a button.

Trimble Navigation's newly-launched FleetWorks, fleet management system can do all this and more.

It delivers improved driver safety, operational efficiency and proven cost savings.

Trimble FleetWorks telematics solution, designed for road trucking fleet operators, is a sophisticated positioning solution for fleet management combined with on-board computers and a back-office system.

The solution monitors and reports on driving performance in real time, assisting fleets to operate more efficiently, safely and with less impact on the environment.

Tom Scahill, Business area director, ANZ, Transport and Logistics Division, Trimble Navigation said the solution would help transport operators overcome a range of critical business challenges.

"FleetWorks has demonstrated significant operational performance improvements across Europe while advancing driver safety standards. We believe the FleetWorks solution is the most sophisticated transport solution designed specifically for trucks available in Australia," Mr Scahill said.

"Typically, a fleet will see a return on their investment in FleetWorks after six months through cost savings achieved from a reduction in fuel usage and an increase in driver productivity. Fleets can also expect to see savings from lowered maintenance costs and fewer insurance payouts to repair vehicle damage and workers compensation."

What did the drivers think? Big Rigs asked Mr Scahill at the product launch at the Future Logistics Living Lab in Sydney if drivers felt the system bogged them down with more regulations.

"We experienced the opposite, they felt safer and more connected," he said.

The solution has been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing applications, and the on-board touchscreen computer includes two-way messaging, navigation and a driving style assistant that provides instant feedback to the driver to help them adopt and maintain an ecologically responsible driving style.

Trimble demonstrated the solution at the Future Logistics Living Lab, they have just signed up to become a participant of the Future Logistics Living Lab network, an initiative of SAP, NICTA and Fraunhofer to encourage technology innovation in the logistics industry.

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