Tex helps to set a country link straight

DELIVERING: Tex Morten and his assistant Kim Maujer deliver Big Rigs. Photo: Alf Wilson
DELIVERING: Tex Morten and his assistant Kim Maujer deliver Big Rigs. Photo: Alf Wilson

FEW people would realise that one of the people who delivers Big Rigs each fortnight is a man with the same name as one of Australia's most favourite country music singers.

On August 6, we spotted a Hino with several bundles of the latest Edition 15 of Big Rigs ready for delivery.

So we had a yarn with the driver Tex Morten and his assistant Kim Maujer as they pulled up at the Garbutt Shopping Centre in Townsville.

"We are delivering Big Rigs to the Bohle Little Acre, BP Cluden and another place," Tex said.

With such a household name, we had to ask Tex about if people refer to him as the man who was known as The Father Of Australian Country Music.

"Some do, but my surname is spelt Morten with an E and his was Tex Morton with an O," he said.

This Tex and Kim work for Lightning Express delivering general goods.

"I also drive a truck but it is a smaller one-tonner," Kim said.

Singer Tex Morton was born in New Zealand on August 30, 1916 and started recording at age 16.

He came across the Tasman to Australia in 1932 and was popular with his travelling country show and toured the world.

Tex Morton was loved by many Australians including truckies from a long eras.

In 1949, he left Australia for North America and Europe travelling through Canada and the USA, and enjoying spectacular success as a stage hypnotist, setting attendance records in major venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York. Tex knew and worked with many stars of the day including Hank Williams and even became a Hollywood film actor in his own right. He returned to Australia in the early 1960s.

In 1976, Tex was the first to be elevated to the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown in Tamworth and one of the first four, together with Buddy Williams, Smoky Dawson and Slim Dusty, to be inducted into the Country Music Hands of Fame cornerstone the following year.

In 1982, at his final major public performance, Tex thrilled a crowd of 5000 people in the 2TM Big Top erected in Tamworth for a series of super shows and the Country Music Awards. Tex Morton died on July 23, 1983, aged 66.

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