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SCANIA: Peter Taylor will head the new finance solution.
SCANIA: Peter Taylor will head the new finance solution.

BOTH Hino and Scania will be focussing on soft products next year.

While this means no new models, there are other great innovations coming.

At Hino they will focus on the Hino Advantage, which is all part of their plan to glean more market share.

While the brand is enjoying a record market share, like many others they want to be number one.

Two years ago Hino launched their 300 series and this year was focussed on 50th anniversary celebrations, leaving 2016 as the year for refining their customer focus and strategies.

They've doubled investment in a new call centre and have invested in working with dealers.

They have even set up a Facebook page.

They're gearing up to launch a telematics solution next year, which will become standard in 2017.

The idea is to use the data to become a solution provider for the industry.

In the future they will move towards enhancing their safety suite.

In the second half of 2016, they will work with Hino Finance to introduce a guaranteed future value.

It's a transition to become a complete transport solution, something which Scania has been doing successfully for some time now.

Next year will see Scania ramp up their driver services programs and ways to improve customer profitability using their telematics solution.

There's about 750 vehicles connected so far and Scania will use the information to help the customer save on fuel, know when certain parts need changing or Adblue is low, for example.

At a Scania end of year event they announced their new finance package, which is coming next year.

Scania Financial Solutions will offer another line of credit to those who want to buy Scania products - and other brands if its part of a package.

This is expected to start in March. The second phase, to come later in the year, will see operators being able to take out Scania insurance.

Also at the end of year event they announced their new fleet management app was available with customers purchasing their Control Package.

It provides detailed fleet management data and encourages drivers to focus on their star ratings and scoring, which then delivers better operational outcomes.

Add this to new fleet management tools, which help you search for "black holes" that suck resources from your business, and you can see how important soft products are.

Scania will also continue to expand their dealers in 2016.

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