Tassie women in trucking: Jane Beswick

Jane Beswick
Jane Beswick

WE ENJOYED a good chat with Jane Beswick from Boat Harbour in the North West of Tasmania the other day. She told us her truck is a three-year-old Mack Trident with a 535 hp MP8 engine. She filled us in on some details of her life and her experiences driving which are best put in her own words:

"I have been driving trucks for about 30 years and I am still loving it. Sometimes I tow single trailers, sometimes B doubles, carting mostly vegetables or machinery but lately also carting cattle. Most work is in North West Tasmania but I also did a couple of seasons carting potatoes from NSW to Melbourne. It's great being part of this industry; I have variety in my job and meet a lot of great people.

"I think there is a place for women truck drivers and there are some very good ones doing it. Unfortunately there are some very capable girls out there who just don't get the opportunity, simply because they are female.

"I have found I have been accepted very well in this industry. You just have to do your best at your job and be professional but some people are still surprised that a lady drives a truck.”

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