Tassie' women in trucking: Allison Morgan

Allison Morgan
Allison Morgan

IT WAS great to catch up with Allison Morgan from New Norfolk the other day, driving an SRT 2006 FLX Freightliner with a C-12 Cat, a nice truck which she said goes well. She happily found time for a quick chat about her life on the road and here it is in her own words!

"So just briefly, I'm a Huon girl, my dad drove trucks carting apples from the Huon to Hobart in the early 50s around the old Huon Rd (literally around the side of Mt Wellington) through fog, ice and snow, then during off season freight from Hobart to Scottsdale - a big return trip back then.

"His stories used to blow me away, they sounded so exciting! I met my now husband at the family farm. He was driving a tipper doing roading for the then North Forest Products (Gunns).

"He moved on to log trucks and I guess I learned the ropes back then, met some life long friends and I still appreciate the long hours and often trying conditions he would work in.

"When our girls became of school age I started working for Linfox, initially as an inventory officer, then working my way up to warehouse manager.

"Seeing the 'office' side of logistics, the legislative requirements, KPI meeting expectations, deadlines and customer demands showed me how important the driver is to get the product delivered on time, in full. I got my driving start thanks to SRT and Transtrain and a program called 'women behind the wheel'.

"I applied on the quiet and once I got accepted I told my hubby I was going to be a semi driver! I now work weekends for SRT which fits in to my part time (boring) job as a finance officer in the health care area and balances with family commitments.

"My driving job is my 'fun' job, the guys at SRT are awesome to work with, typically happy go lucky and will help out if I have any questions or need a hand. I usually drive a Freightliner Columbia semi into Woolworths stores throughout southern Tasmania and collect produce direct from farms.

"SRT have quite a few girls driving for them now from MR through to B Double. If any women out there are reading this and are interested in driving or another logistic role I'd say go for it, it's a wonderful industry to be involved in, and I have no regrets at all!”

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