Shaun Careless

WE DROPPED into Mood Food at Kempton the other day for a quick bite to eat for lunch and one of Pattie's legendary cappuccinos, and were fortunate to catch up with Shaun Careless from Hobart when he rolled in for a bite to eat and a drink.

He was driving an eye-catching brand new 2012 Isuzu 1400 Long with a Series 295 up front for Juicy Isles and he was on his way from Campania and Oatlands up to Bothwell and then planning to go back to Hobart.

Shaun tells us he has been with the company for 14 months now and that he really likes the outfit and the job.

"Meeting all sorts of good and friendly people, especially out in the country," he said, adding that he would be working over Christmas, but asking us to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday for him.

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