Wolf James

IT IS always great to run into someone with some initiative making a go of things, and prepared to put a shoulder behind the wheel, so it was good catching up with Wolf James, from Shearwater, at the Epping Forest Caltex Truckstop and Café the other day when he dropped in for a quick bite to eat.

He was driving Chris Harvey's "Kan-Kart" 1985 Mercedes Benz 442 on his way from Coles Bay to Mersey Vale, and had a load of derelict cars on board that had been dumped there in the national park.

He tells us the company name is Holmak, and this was their first trip, collecting "dead" cars, rubbish and metal from national parks and taking them to Mersey Vale for processing. He hopes this will be an ongoing venture for the foreseeable future. With 40 years on the road under his belt, Wolf reckons it's a great career, and has no regrets.

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