Tassie Truckin': Peter Masterton

Peter Masterton
Peter Masterton Jonathan Wallis

IT WAS a great pleasure to catch up with our old friend Peter Masterton from Bellerive, over in Strahan on the west coast, where we found him unloading odds and ends at the Risby Cove Resort.

He was driving a TasTrans 2002 Fuso 345, and told us: "Today I have come up from Hobart with drops at Derwent Bridge and Queenstown, and after I leave here will return to Hobart and knock off”.

"I reckon they are a great outfit to work for and with, and have been here with them on this run for the last 18 months.

"This is an interesting run though it can get tricky when it snows up top, and then of course there is the Tourists in Winnebago season, but other than that it's great.

"Always something to see, and a good round of friendly people at the various drops, like here (Risby Cove). It also helps pay the bills.”

We have always known Peter as a dedicated sailor, and he tells us he has been living aboard his North Shore 370 Sport for the last eight years at the Bellerive Yacht Club.

He has been on the road altogether for 35 years and says he has no regrets at all.

As for time off? Smiling from ear to ear he answered: "in one word, sailing”.

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