Mick Reeve

NOW whenever we see Mick Reeve's truck it always makes an impression, and we were not disappointed with his late 2012 model T-909 Kenworth when he rolled in to Mood Food.

With a 600 Signature Cummins up front he was towing a tri-axle flat deck trailer with a box bound from Hobart to Launceston at the time and he told us he is more than pleased with the truck which does the job well.

Mick has now been with Toll for 20 years, and describes it as a good job that keeps the wheels turning, but there are downsides.

"Fuel is the big killer now days. They have maybe made the engines more environmentally friendly, but to achieve the same performance requires more fuel, so that, for the operator, it is even more expensive to run," he said.

"It is sad to think of all the work that has gone into reducing the emissions only to require more fuel consumption and thus more expenses."

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