Kevin Morgan

We were enjoying a cuppa at Mood Food at Kempton the other day and watching all the renovations going on when Michael Wells rolled in driving an eye catching Kevin Morgan 2010 T-658 with a Westport LNG 578 up front and towing a B-double Elphinstone "Easy Loader" combination carrying saw logs.

He had loaded the logs at Tahune (from just near the famous Air Walk ) and was bound for Smart Fibre at Bell Bay.

Michael tells us he has been with Kevin Morgan for 22 good years now, and he is currently their transport manager out on the road for a change "filling in the gap", and would be returning to Boyer in the morning with pine. He tells us they have about 12-15 trucks in the outfit and that he finds them top people to work for and adds that it is a great job, if under somewhat uncertain conditions in these times.

But happily they are still keeping busy and he was really enjoying being out on the road and "having a bit of a drive", and is hoping things will settle down and it will stabilise and keep up like this for the future.

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