Tassie Truckin': John Hodge

John Hodge
John Hodge Jonathan Wallis

"ON A a day like this it's a real pleasure to drop in somewhere like the Hungry Wombat Cafe at Derwent Bridge and get a hot cuppa and some really good tucker.”

That's what John Hodge from Hobart told us when we caught up with him on a rainy day at Derwent Bridge on our return to Hobart.

He was driving a Boom Logistics Scania P360 with a 38m EWP crane at the time and he was on his way home to Hobart from doing repairs on a communications tower on top of one of the "hills” at Queenstown.

"I have been here with this crowd for 14 years this year, and I'd have to say they are a great crowd to work for, and it's a top job all round with endless variety as well,” he told us.

"They are a mainland company, and I have worked Australia-wide with them, in fact I feel like the original I've Been Everywhere man.

"Nowadays though I am really happy to be spending more time with the family. And seriously there is no place like home, especially when home is Tasmania.”

Asked how he spent his time off, John told us: "well, I am keen on photography, and there is always a lot to be done around the house too”.

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