David Parker

WE WERE enjoying a great lunch and coffee thanks to Gale at Mood Food the other day when David Parker from the beautiful town of Latrobe pulled in driving an eye catching De Bruyn's 500 Hp 2012 FM Volvo and towing a B-double.

He was on his way from Port Huon back to the yard at Devonport at the time to unload fish food and then knock off for the day.

David tells us he has been with De Bruyn's for five years and that it is a great job, a good outfit all round to work for and crowd to work with.

In fact he told us that: "I have always maintained this is one outfit I could see myself working for until the day I retire".

He was also enjoying a great Tasmanian autumn day.

"It's a perfect day for a drive in a very nice truck," he said.

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