David Abraham

STOPPING by Mood Food, the 24 hour Caltex truckstop and roadhouse just north of Kempton the other day, we were happy to catch up with David Abraham when he dropped in for a quick hot cuppa driving his own 2010 T-388 with a C-13 470 Cat up front.

He was towing a load of bricks and general on his return to Launceston from Hobart and told us that he now has about 14 trucks out there on the go.

David also let us in on a secret, his company Lachmitch Transport is named after his two sons, Lachlan, 17, and Mitchell, 13.

A real Tasmanian family business, Lachlan is learning diesel mechanics with an eye to the future.

He said while things are pretty quiet at the moment, he is hopeful it will soon pick up again.

And while he finds himself a good boss, he is also dreaming of retirement one of these days.

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