Clinton Graham

It was good to catch up with our old mate Clinton Graham from Oatlands when he dropped into the rapidly changing Mood Food Caltex at Kempton the other day for a quick refreshment break.

He was driving his (for sale) FM9 300 Volvo and towing his bogey trailer at the time loaded with fertiliser for poppy crops, and he was on his way from Bridgewater to Woodbury at the time.

He tells us he is looking for an upgrade and a new truck with this one for sale, in good running order. Clinton has been supplying the poppy farmers for four years now, and he tells us they keep him happily busy, especially this year which looks like being a good season and thus harvest.

He added that the FM9 was a great little truck, comfortable and economical and that he will be sad to part with it but he is looking at a rigid to replace it that will be even more manoeuvrable and better suited to the job.

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