Carlos Arnold

WE WERE happy to catch up with the ever-genial Carlos Arnold from Somerset the other day when he rolled in to the Caltex at Sassafras to grab a much needed hot cuppa and bite to eat.

He was driving a Brianna Tilt Tray's 2010 300 Hp Isuzu at the time and carrying a tractor on his way from Hobart back to Burnie.

He was happy to be out of the rain and slush and found the whole world was looking a lot brighter after this quick refreshment break at his favourite stop at the Caltex.

Carlos tells us he has been with Brianna Tilt Trays now for two years and he reckons it is a great job, lots of variety, and getting out there working in all weathers statewide towing a variety of freight though mainly tractors and machinery was great work.

He also reckoned it was good to be working with an outfit that was keeping them all agreeably busy.

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