Brendan Dance

IT WAS good to catch up with Brendan Dance from Launceston - another of those hard-working and busy Tank World blokes we see so often on the highway - the other day up at Kempton.

He had stopped at Mood Food for a bite to eat in his Tank World 2008 Hino FD 500 Turbo Series towing a four-tonne tandem trailer, and he told us he was on his way back to Launceston after delivering tanks to Wayatinah (on the way to Derwent Bridge and Strahan) and the Florentine, where Saltas have breeding ponds. In fact he saw a one-metre salmon in a tank there, something most fishermen can only dream of seeing.

Brendan tells us he has been with Tank World for six months now and he is rapt in the job and the outfit.

"We work statewide so there is always a heap of variety and a lot of scenery you would never see otherwise.

"We average 500-700km a day and it's all good. And now Baz I reckon we are even."

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