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Support for truckies in rest areas - it’s a safety issue

I'VE JUST read a comment from a caravan park owner suggesting truckies stop being nice to RV's that take up spaces in designated rest areas, including those at the back of Service Stations. Bout time!

Fact: Councils extract money from RV parks like they were a cash cows, with bizarre and stupid charges like "Development Application Fees", health licences and pedestal charges dating back to the 1950's, yet encourage "free camping" to attract visitors.

It's mental. The only way RV Parks can afford their "blood money" is to slowly go broke, starting by sacking staff, one by one, many of whom will never get another job due to their skill levels.

In regional and rural towns across Australia, jobs are created by providing places for RV's to stay - people to mow grass, attend gardens, provide safety and to tell them about the town attractions (hopefully getting them to stay longer?).

This should not be seen as a bad thing, yet the social media savvy RV owners think that because they have a toilet onboard, a shower and batteries they need not pay for accommodation. Hello?

Sewerage charges are no different BYO toilet or old-fashioned pedestal, water does not discriminate from whence it is dispensed and rubbish needs to be removed and processed no matter where you are from, your colour age, race or form of accommodation.

Land is cheap way out of town, but in prime locations within a town it is not.

Rates are payable and loans need to be repaid.

Why on earth do RV owners feel they should be given everything for free when millions of rural town folk unable to afford expensive lifestyle RV's are having to pay for services?

What is it about the privileged generation, that jobs created to "service" their accommodation needs are a dirty word

John Kennedy

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