Superbeads Contributed

Super beads are a new revolution for tyre life

A NEW improved product that saves you time (for easy installation), saves money through improving tyre wear and reduces tyre vibration while improving handling.

Engineered in Europe through rigorous quality control and testing, this product has been scientifically tested and manufactured using the latest technology and performance results.

The Super Beads are a revolutionary balance bead manufactured to be consistently 98 per cent round and are made from glass and coated in silicone.

The product comes in various sizes from 8oz, 10oz and 12 oz and is now available from The Tyre Factory.

Understanding that the inside of a tyre is the most effective location for a balance product, Super Beads provide a far superior balancing solution to traditional wheel weights.

Super Beads use the centrifugal forces developed by the rotation of the wheel assembly to move freely inside of the tyre, allowing the beads to adjust to the varying imbalance of the tyre and wheel assembly throughout its life.

The beads remain in their appropriate locations until the vehicle comes to rest.

Super Beads will slow down premature tyre wear because a tyre and rim assembly cases friction caused by varying road surfaces and that friction has an energy release point.

If a tyre is not balanced it will release friction causing uneven wear.

When a tyre is balanced it will release energy at all 4 quarters of a tyre not just from the initial contact and release points thus reducing wear and improving performance.

Mick, from Macleay Valley Transport, in Kempsey, New South Wales, described Super Beads as an "unbelievable product”.

"We used to only average 97,000km out of Hankook, Continental and Bridgestone Steer tyres,” he said.

"Now we average a maximum of 162,000km on these three brands. Our drive and trailer tyres also now wear totally flat.”

Contact the Tyre Factory on 0398802345.

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