Robert Glasson-Wilesmith is psyching himself up for his shot at the kickboxing heavyweight world title on March 24.
Robert Glasson-Wilesmith is psyching himself up for his shot at the kickboxing heavyweight world title on March 24.

Steely gaze on world crown

MAYBE you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

But it doesn't mean the old tricks can't be used successfully.

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Robert Glasson-Wilesmith is less than three weeks away from his date with destiny - a crack at a world title.

The Mt Crosby Muay Thai master takes on America's current cruiserweight world champ Mike Sheppard for the World Kickboxing Federation heavyweight title at Robina's Skilled Stadium on March 24.

"I'm ready to rip a few heads off," Glasson-Wilesmith said.

"I'm sick of being stuck on a diet but I'm determined to turn short-term sacrifice into long-term gain.

"You don't hate the pain, you eat it."

Having overcome a torn bicep in October, he is into the most intensive phase of his preparation before tapering in the week leading into the fight.

"Now I'm in what's called the mongrel phase," he said.

"Where I get beaten to a pulp by a couple of people.

"If you can handle that, then anything that comes your way you can cope with.

"It's a good way to work on your defensive skills."

Glasson-Wilesmith has also been doing plenty of offensive work too.

"In the last couple of weeks, I've been focusing on hand speed and power," he said.

"Since snapping my bicep, it's always been about getting my power back.

"My trainer Deane Lawler, who has trained international fighters, reckons I'm fitter than 50 percent of the world's boxers and fitter than most 20-year-olds."

That, combined with the unbeaten 46-year-old's experience, has him convinced he can't lose.

"A good fighter is a wise fighter," he said.

"For most boxers, once they cop one on the chin close up, they go and hide.

"I've had life's experience.

"They say you shouldn't tease an angry dog because it will rip your head off.

"That's how I feel."

Glasson-Wilesmith doesn't believe his age means he will lack the speed of his younger opponent either.

"Not at all," he said.

"My former mentor Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez retired undefeated then came out of retirement aged 41 and beat the Japanese world champ.

"I'm going to show all middle-aged men there is no barrier if they have the heart and will to succeed.

"If you eat right and train right, there's no reason you can't win.

"There's no excuses.

"I'm past the point of no return.

"If I got into an accident and cut my nose off tomorrow, I'd still be getting into that ring."

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