Truck drivers are being asked to stay safe on the roads and report anyone who told them to break the law.  Photo: file.
Truck drivers are being asked to stay safe on the roads and report anyone who told them to break the law. Photo: file.

Stay safe on the road

WHEN travelling on Queensland roads, everyone's safety is paramount and should never be compromised for any reason.

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Regional Director for Compliance John Wroblewski said it was important for truck drivers to be aware they should not drive for an extended period of time without a break or load their rig up beyond the legal mass, dimension and load limits.

"Should your boss instruct you to drive illegally or to not take due care on the road, you should report it to the Department of Transport and Main Roads," Mr Wroblewski said. "Most transport operators and drivers are doing the right thing by the law and their employees by instructing their drivers to take breaks and completing their Queensland Work Diaries.

"Unfortunately, there is a small percentage who do the wrong thing and endanger their lives, their employees, and other road users.

"For example, during Austrans this year, we found about 2.5 per cent of drivers intercepted were not abiding by the fatigue laws.

"This minority is in the high risk category of road accidents and infringements, and will eventually be caught by Transport Inspectors or police.

"But worse than that, they are playing a game of Russian roulette with their lives and all road users, and we are determined to stamp it out."

Mr Wroblewski said truck drivers need to be proactive in reporting these incidents, rather than waiting for a crash to happen.

"If you are being told to do the wrong thing, speak up and act now by telling us," he said.

"Chain of responsibility is the law, and everybody in the supply chain, from drivers to managers to the guy unloading the truck, is responsible for preventing driver fatigue."

If drivers or operators feel they are at risk, or know of someone at risk contact TMR on 13 23 80 during business hours or email

All reported matters are investigated and, for serious breaches, legal action may be taken. For more information visit then click on the business and industry tab, then heavy vehicles.

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