Veronica Bean was Robbed 3 times by the same person . Photo Blainey Woodham / The Northern Star
Veronica Bean was Robbed 3 times by the same person . Photo Blainey Woodham / The Northern Star Blainey Woodham

Stalked for two days

IT was the thought of being watched for two days by a brazen thief that left Veronica Bean more shaken than his thefts

Mrs Bean had her handbag, car and TV stolen in the space of 48 hours.

Last Wednesday morning, the 85-year-old Ballina woman was at the Grant St Medical Centre with an Alstonville couple she drives to and from medical appointments.

Going outside to her car to get a tissue and to take her dog who was sitting in the car for a walk, Mrs Bean noticed a man watching her.

"I had a little dog on a lead and, being hot, could not sit in the car so I stood in the shade of the building next door," she explained.

"After five minutes or so I walked a short distance to meet my friend, who I drove to the clinic. We walked across to pathology to make another appointment."

On crossing the road, Mrs Bean saw the man who caught her eye minutes earlier, running with his arms across his chest, "obviously holding my handbag," she said.

Mrs Bean confirmed her handbag was missing from her car and spent the next day replacing stolen cards that were in her wallet.

On Friday morning, she drove to Ballina Library on River St to renew her stolen library card.

Mrs Bean was dealt a second blow when she walked outside to find her Holden Commodore gone.

After reporting the second theft to police, a very emotional Mrs Bean caught a cab to her home to find it had been broken into.

"He stole my TV from my bedroom that I got from my family for my 85th birthday," she said.

"He must have stalked me for two days. I have been violated."

Mrs Bean believes the thief used her garage remote, which was in her handbag, to gain entry to her home.

She has since had all her locks changed.

But the Ballina resident of six years did not appeared shaken yesterday and simply hoped the thief was happy to have stolen everything she "worked for."

Anyone with information regarding either theft outside the Grant St Medical Centre, from River St in Ballina or from Mrs Bean's home on Skinner St can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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