Spy chatted with a pilot driver to find out their gripes.
Spy chatted with a pilot driver to find out their gripes. Contributed

Spy's interesting conversation with a pilot escort driver

IN my travels around Oz, Spy gets to speak to many truckies and also pilot escort drivers who provide a bevy of info about the road transport industry.

One veteran female pilot driver works in Victoria, NSW and SA and possesses a wealth of knowledge.

So I asked her what were her gripes.

"Where do l start"? Last year one good case was a car and caravan waiting to come out of a park bay and the driver saw a truck to his right with all the bells and whistles going. They pulled out in front of the truck and it didn't end well for both parties. Car and van were write offs and truck badly damaged. The car driver thought the truckie had a blinker on and was going to turn in. The driver was only just oversize not needing a pilot," she said.

Another incident involved a 5.8m wide load which was under police and pilot escort.

"Police had stopped traffic coming over a bridge. The truck was good to proceed, but old mate in his van decided he was not waiting and drove around the police car attempting to drive at the load on bridge. Result he was made to back up and was not happy, nor was the policeman," she said.

This lady said that many motorists drive towards loads and never recognize the pilot car.

"They get to the truck and refuse to share the road, hit the load and cry wolf when they hit and scrape the side of their van. We are having a problem with motorists not driving to conditions, there are days when we are abused over the radio for asking them to proceed with caution when passing the load. Or for holding them up so we get the wide and at time heavy load through the narrow section. Asked why do we have to stop. One lady told us we should be only on road at night so not to disrupt the day traffic. All very well, we have rules as to the times we must travel each state whether in city or on country roads," she said.

Although she does enjoy life as a pilot which is great a way to see the country which allows her to meet people from all walks of life.

"I see some strange things, my dog traveled a little over 700,000 km before she passed away. Now have a new pet dog travel companion named Milly. I love to have the night watchman on duty when asleep.

"You never know when someone is going to try to break in. Which has already happened twice, she would even tell me if someone was on the load that should've have been.

"It would be great if we could get the rules in the driver's hand book getting their license as it is Queensland and WA."

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