John Laws
John Laws

Speed issue a hot topic on radio

BIG Rigs received a good wrap on the John Laws morning show recently.

Readers rang in when speedometers became the focus, they had read Chris Blanchard's column (edition 11) which discussed how speedos could be inaccurate due to an Australian design rule.

Some callers had said their car speedos were about 10kmh different to the actual speed they were going, and often did 110kmh (according to their speedo so that they were actually going 100kmh).

A few truck drivers rang in and said they had experienced this, one said he had often been driving in a 100kmh speed limited truck and often caught up to traffic ahead of him that probably thought they were doing the right speed but were actually doing under the limit.

During the program John Laws said he thought it was "so difficult" for truck drivers these days and the majority of them were "good blokes".

Another truck driver rang in called Daniel.

He said he had been fined $350 for being to close to a car in front.

He said he had moved forward just as an overtaking lane started, so that he could get around the slow car.

Daniel said he had since looked up the legislation and told Laws the minimum distance was not required when overtaking vehicles in front.

He said he now either had to find the time to go to court to fight the ticket, or just pay it and called the ticket a money grab by the police.

Laws told him to try and fight it if he felt strongly about it.

He said the police were trying to eliminate tail gating which could be intimidating - especially to younger drivers.

Another truck driver called in saying that all truck drivers should be using driving cameras.

Before he had a camera he had a similar experience where the police told him on the CB radio that he was travelling too close, he said told them the driver up front was causing havoc but he was happy to pull up down the road if needed.

When the four other truckies behind him said the same thing, the police did not respond - apparently.

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