Southwest Queensland bracing for major flooding

MAJOR flooding is occurring across southwest Queensland, with parts of St George bracing for significant inundation tomorrow.

Residents in the lower areas of St George are advised to prepare to evacuate as Balonne River levels are expected to reach up to 12.5m, which will cut the Balonne Hwy.

Further showers and storms are possible, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, although the rainfall is not expected to be as heavy.


Slow down and drive to the conditions;

Drive with your vehicle lights on in reduced visibility;

Ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition; in particular check tyres, windscreen wipers and demisters;

Do not ignore road closure signs, even if you consider your vehicle capable of passing the flooded roads (the signs are likely protecting motorists from hidden dangers);

It is an offence to ignore road closure signs;

Plan your trip, seek information from the Department of Transport and Main Roads and;

Report road hazards by phoning 13 19 40.

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