SAVED BY A TRUCKIE: Callum Simpson is back on his bike again after a heroic truckie saved him after a crash on a busy road.
SAVED BY A TRUCKIE: Callum Simpson is back on his bike again after a heroic truckie saved him after a crash on a busy road. Contributed

'Simon the hero truckie' saved my boy

A MELBOURNE mum has praised the efforts of "Simon, the hero truckie” after he saved her teenage son Callum.

The 14-year-old, who lives with his mother in Newport, an inner suburb of the Victorian capital, was riding his bike to tennis on November 27 when he crashed on a busy road and "went flying”.

His mum, Vanessa Price, spoke to Big Rigs after the accident.

Her son had called her at ten past six to let him know that he was on his way, but a second call at 6.30pm was when she learnt about the truckie's heroic actions that night.

"No one from my understanding was stopping and Simon stopped to help,” she said.

"I really hate to think what if he'd got back on his bike and tried to fix things for himself really what could have happened.

"Yeah, it's something that I'd really rather not think about.”

Callum had been riding along Blackshaws Rd in Altona North when his tennis racquet, which he was carrying on his shoulder instead of around his neck, slipped down his arm.

The handle went into the spokes of the bike, causing him to "go flying”.

"From what I can understand from the fantastic truckie who stopped to help, Simon, he said that he hit the curb and bounced straight back up,” Vanessa said.

"But Callum doesn't actually remember any of that, he really has no memory for about 10 minutes until he was being taken to the hospital.”

After a few minutes, Callum came around while Simon was driving along Kororoit Creek Rd towards the hospital, and asked to call his mum.

"That was the phone call at 6.30. 'Oh mum, I've had an accident, I've hit my head' (he said). I could tell he wasn't feeling too good, (and) was a bit shakey. I just dashed home,” Vanessa said.

"Simon decided to drop him off at my house and my mum was there, she just applied the first aid stuff with ice until I could get there and take him straight to the hospital.”

Vanessa said that hearing about the accident from Callum himself helped her deal with the situation.

"If someone else had rung me to say that he'd been in an accident I probably would have acted differently. I just held it together because I knew I needed to get to him, because from my understanding he held it really well together, he's a pretty tough kid but like anybody, once he sees his mum.”

She said she understood why people didn't stop to help.

"People just seem to get busy these days and Callum's 14, he looks a lot bigger and maybe it didn't look so bad to them because he bounced up,” she said.

"But a few seconds out of your day can go a really long way to helping people out and people like Simon, that are really wonderful in our community, it makes it stronger and I'm really grateful to them.”

Vanessa communicated with Simon via texting, which was when he told her "We need to take care of each other's children”.

"I thought that was really beautiful,” she said.

As for Callum, he's feeling much better this week. In fact, he hopped right back on his bike.

"He was a bit nervous about (getting back on) but he's overcome that fear which is really fantastic.”

Callum told Big Rigs that the whole incident was a "little bit scary” but it wasn't too bad in the end.

"(Simon) was very nice and it was nice that someone helped me in that situation.”

He said he'd been back to tennis, which was something he enjoyed.

"I just like the competitiveness of it and trying to verse people, it's fun.” When Simon the truckie spoke to 3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell, he said he stopped to help because "why not?”

"It looked pretty bad to me, I was there, I thought better me than anyone else,” he said.

"I just think what goes around comes around I guess.

"Everyone has a bad perception of truck drivers but most of the guys I know have pretty good hearts and would do that sort of thing.”

When asked about taking care about each other's children, he said: "It's just something that I believe in, I just think that everyone should look after kids like they're their own.

"They should all be treated the same as other kids.”

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