TRUCKIE MOVEMENT: Road safety advocate and driver Rod Hannifey.
TRUCKIE MOVEMENT: Road safety advocate and driver Rod Hannifey. Tom Gillespie

Sick of all the talk? Join the club

AFTER weeks of blockade rumbles and talk about industrial action, the sector seems to have burnt itself out.

A pattern of unharnessed energy that many, more experienced drivers have seen time and time again.

Road safety advocate Rod Hannifey hopes to break the cycle with the launch of a Truck Right club, aimed at using these voices and frustration for good.

"At one point there were 250,000 people watching the blockade 2018 page,” Rod said.

"But then, everyone got on and tore people down, talked crap, couldn't agree and the group eventually closed.

" I believe that many drivers on there had nowhere else to share their frustration, nowhere else to have their say,” he said.

So, Rod has kicked off a drivers' club, a grassroots alternative to associations and unions.

"We are asking those that join to support the Truckies On Road code and the Top 10 Tips for motorists for the first little while,” he said.

"We are open to renegotiation down the track of course but the club is about members contributing to submissions through a template process to get action.”

Rod's belief is that the more drivers out advocating for the industry the better.

"The view is that if there is an issue on the Newel Highway we can have a number of drivers working together and addressing those in power directly in our numbers,” he said.

"Same goes for when we get bagged on the radio by the main stream media, we will have a group ready to respond.

"It's important because all the mud that they throws sticks.”

Though it's only been a week since the club's conception, the group already has seven members.

"For every 10 drivers out here who wants to do something we know at least one will make the time to do something to help,” he said.

Do you want to join the club?

Get in touch with Rod online via his Facebook page.

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