Shocks that work wonders on your rig

KING Truck Shocks are a specialised low-volume manufacturer currently engaged in the development of a range of fully rebuildable shock absorbers to address the specific needs of road transport worldwide. That is heavy haulage, particularly in severe operating conditions.

Objectives are to substantially reduce vehicle and driver fatigue, increase tyre life, reduce fuel consumption by reducing trip times, better protect freight from damage, and increase utilisation of vehicles.

They have a range of shock absorbers to suit all American, European and Japanese trucks and now most trailers. They have designed a range of adjustable cab shocks to specifically suit all Western Star and Mack trucks, and have also designed and developed a new coil over-cab shock and spring package for Kenworth cab-overs that are bigger, rebuildable, more durable and give 10 times more control than the standard OEM or other aftermarket replacements currently available.

They are prototype testing in partnership with Darwin-based fuel haulage company Direct Haul a range of 2.5-inch and three-inch diameter extreme shock absorbers, which have been designed to operate successfully for extended periods of time in some of the world's harshest environments.

King backs all of its products with a lifetime guarantee and all shocks are handmade, assembled and dynometer-tested in the US.

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