Shelly Stone says women today want to find the perfect match.
Shelly Stone says women today want to find the perfect match. Warren Lynam

Shelly says it's raining men

WHEN Shelly Stone heard the Catholic Church had suggested women were too picky and should snag a man before the man drought hits, she thought it was nothing but a contradictory push of beliefs.

"I thought it was a bit rich considering the people making these comments are unmarried men," she said.

"Also, if women need to get married earlier, get into relationships, they don't know the person. I think that will make the divorce rate increase."

The 21-year-old, from Sippy Downs, said women were not picky, they were just smarter in finding their perfect match.

"We're better educated these days. We want to find the perfect person, someone we're comfortable with, someone we can trust. That's a big thing," she said.

Stella Maris parish priest Joe Duffy also disagreed that women were too picky.

In fact, he encouraged meticulous man hunting.

"I do always encourage women to be picky, only the best will do," he said.

"I think women have to be picky these days because there are so many men who have been spoilt by their mothers. They have to be broken in. I don't think many women want to do that. There are so many really fine men who have a very strong desire to marry, have a family and have things working well. The big challenge is to find these men because where do young people go?"

Father Duffy said he had married five couples who met over the internet and he believed there was a lot of merit in turning to new ways of meeting a potential spouse, especially with so many young Coast men moving away for work.

"I encourage young people to look further afield and not be restricted by where they live, to have holidays, take them into new situations and find people."

Ms Stone also disagreed with the notion of a man drought.

"I think it was a silly thing to say. I've never had any problems meeting single men. I don't know any girls who have problems with that," she said.

Ms Stone said the Catholic Church made the suggestion as a way to "push their beliefs on people, they don't believe in sex before marriage or contraception".

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