Shell Diesel Extra benefits Aussies

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: Fuel savings are a big hit with trucking operators.
HAPPY CUSTOMERS: Fuel savings are a big hit with trucking operators.

AFTER three years of research and development at leading Shell laboratories worldwide, the first staged introduction to the Australian market of Shell Diesel Extra is now complete and available to the Australian transport sector.

Shell Diesel Extra was developed to benefit the commercial road-transport sector and is designed to deliver fuel savings of up to 3% over the lifetime of a vehicle compared to regular diesel.

This is achieved by helping to keep your engine and fuel-injection system in peak condition.

The fuel's specially formulated detergent helps to improve engine combustion and fuel efficiency by keeping fuel injectors clean and preventing build-up of deposits.

By reducing fuel consumption and improving engine combustion, Shell Diesel Extra also helps lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Shell Diesel Extra's powerful anti-rust formulation is designed to prevent rust building on steel components, particularly on the injection pump, reducing maintenance costs.

Its unique anti-foaming agent enables faster refuelling times by reducing foaming. Less foam means a faster tank fill and less time off the road.

Shell Diesel Extra is available in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

A full list of retail outlets where Shell Diesel Extra is available can be found at

Note: Fuel saving of up to 3% was achieved during Shell testing with heavy-duty engines using European Shell Diesel Extra with its new additive compared with European Industry Standard diesel (EN590) with no additive.

Actual fuel savings and other product benefits will vary depending on the age and condition of the engine. Shell Diesel Extra is designed to avoid rising fuel consumption over the lifetime of your vehicle by helping to keep your engine running in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

John Kingwill, Owner of Kingwill Bulk Logistics and Shell Card customer, Gundagai, NSW

John Kingwill has been in the transport industry for 15 years and knows what a big difference a good fuel can make.

"We've really noticed the difference with Shell Diesel Extra," says John.

In the three months John has been using Shell Diesel Extra he's noticed improved engine performance and greater fuel efficiency.

"When the truck drivers start saying the engines are running better and the figures come back showing you're getting better fuel economy you know you're onto a winner.

"Since we started using Shell Diesel Extra for our fleet, we've been getting more kilometres to the litre, the motors are running smoother and the drivers are saying they're getting more power.

"A standard run for us is around 400kms - so it's a big difference on the bottom line."

John says availability is another perk he enjoys while using the fuel: "We switched to Shell because there were more depots to get into and I've been really impressed with their service."

Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help:

Reduce fuel consumption

Improve engine performance

Lower CO2 emissions

Reduce fuel system corrosion

Reduce foaming

Reduce maintenance costs

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