Shooters massacre roos, stock

THE senseless slaughter of kangaroos and livestock on a Booral acreage has shattered members of the close-knit neighbourhood who were forced to endure a weekend of terror.

More than 20 kangaroos, mainly females with joeys, and at least one cow, were killed by rogue shooters on land they had no permission to be on.

It was Friday night that residents of Wheeley St were first alerted to the shining of a spotlight and cracking sounds of gunfire in the paddocks backing onto their properties.

Carmel and George Watson were among the first to sight the culprits who, they were shocked to discover, were allegedly a father and his two children.

Police officers from the dog squad were called to confront the shooters and evict them from the land owned by a farmer from town, who had no idea the killing spree was taking place.

Residents thought it was over, but on Saturday night the shooters returned, killing well into the night and yesterday morning.

It was only when a group of local horse riders arrived on their Sunday morning trail ride that the extent of the carnage was finally discovered.

Horrified residents banded together to check the kangaroos' pouches for joeys.

Some were lying next to their mothers and had been shot at point blank range.

Three were found alive and taken to a wildlife carer in Maryborough.

The Watson's and their neighbours want justice for the creatures they have come to love.

They say they would understand if the kangaroos were damaging a farmer's land, but could not understand why anyone would kill animals just for the fun of it.

Police are investigating.

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