CANDRIVE: The Seeing machines technology in action.
CANDRIVE: The Seeing machines technology in action.

Seeing Machines leads research

SEEING Machines is an industry leader in computer vision-based human sensing technologies, which enables breakthrough solutions in safety, performance and user experiences.

The group has announced the Australian Capital Territory Government will fund a research project, CAN Drive, using Seeing Machines' driver monitoring technology to build info on the connection between driver behaviour and automated vehicles and is expected to be the world's first automated vehicle trial with a primary focus on the driver.

As part of the trial, up to 40 Canberra drivers will be monitored while driving level-three automated vehicles for up to two weeks at a time.

These vehicles are capable of self-driving most of the time but legally the driver is in control of the car, so the key issue being tested in this trial is how quickly a driver can be ready to assume control of the car when required.

The Seeing Machines software monitors the driver's facial movements and expressions to determine whether they are paying sufficient attention and sounds an alert if they need to look at the road and retain full control of the vehicle.

The trial will be conducted in different environments and under different road conditions.

"This project is designed to deliver key technology outcomes for Seeing Machines and for the global automotive industry in the push towards higher and safer levels of autonomous driving,” Seeing Machines executive chairman Ken Kroger said.

The ACT Government has committed $1.35 million to the trial, which will start development in July 2017, with a view to having the vehicles on Canberra roads by early 2018.

Seeing Machines uses advanced sensing technologies to track heads, eyes and faces to detect, interpret and predict cognitive states and issues, such as drowsiness and distraction, and deliver precision eye gaze tracking in challenging, real-world conditions such as in-vehicle during day, night, sunlight and impediments such as sunglasses.

It delivers its technology platform in a range of products from embedded software to proprietary Fovio vision processors to full systems - also providing a 24/7 real time monitor and intervention service for commercial trucking and mining sectors - which saves lives, costs and protects assets.

Seeing Machines' technology has been adopted as the benchmark by global industry leaders across the spectrum of automotive, mining, transport and aviation industries, as well as leading universities, research groups and transportation authorities.

Seeing Machines is headquartered in Canberra, Australia and currently has offices and people in Melbourne, Tucson, Silicon Valley and Detroit.

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