Scott Lowndes.
Scott Lowndes. Alf Wilson

Scott loves to fish in his time off

KEEN angler Scott Lowndes caught a haul of whiting and two parrot fish just before Big Rigs saw him parked up with his Kenworth T359 in Townsville.

The 42-year-old Scott works for Auto Transport Australia out of Brisbane and had brought cars to Townsville.

He had a backload of vehicles to take back to the state capital.

"I spent five days fishing in Hervey Bay and was lucky to land the whiting and parrot fish. I also enjoy kayaking,” he said.

Scott loves the job and has been with the company for nine years.

"I have the best boss ever and love working for a company which looks after us,” he said.

His favourite roadhouse is at Yamba in SA, and parts of the Bruce Hwy Scott finds challenging to drive on.

"Especially the section between Rockhampton and Mackay,” he said.

The first truck Scott drove was a MAN and he follows the Melbourne Storm in the NRL.

I spotted a kettle on a trailer and Scott said he heated up some noodles on a small gas cooker for tea the previous night.

Scott also had a very clean truck much unlike some others parked nearby.

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