NEW: The Scania P440 6x4. Photo: Contributed
NEW: The Scania P440 6x4. Photo: Contributed

Scania revs new era

SCANIA is offering new technologies with a new release of vehicles.

Scania's new releases include the R480 6x4 and the P440 6x4 vehicles as well as a major introduction of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) inline engine across the range as a choice to complement its Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) engines.

The SCR engine is in use in other countries where the availability of low sulphur diesel is an issue and therefore the only option for the brand.

It gave Scania the opportunity to get the SCR technology into the country with slightly higher horsepower engines.

Scania is also reconfiguring componentry and brackets on its R730 to save weight on the front axle and to increase fuel capacity.

It has also re-styled the P-series in line with the G- and R-series cabs which feature revisions to the front grille designed to improve airflow around the front and through the engine compartment to help with cooling.

Revised bumpers are available in two heights, both with integrated mounting space for the Adaptive Cruise Control radar sensor.

Roger McCarthy, Scania Australia managing director said the P-series had lots of potential in Australia, specifically when configured in 6x2 drive trains for intra-state and metro delivery options.

"Operator savings can be significant over an identical 6x4 drive train, from a lower purchase price to efficiency improvements in payload, fuel use and servicing costs," he said.

"We are seeing interest in the 6x2 by many operators."

However, Scania far beyond simply supplying new vehicles, it has a strategy to boost customers' profitability.

Scania has developed a suite of tools under its "Solution Provider Concept" including tools designed to work out the best vehicles for the job and its burgeoning short-term rentals business helping customers' meet peak load demands.

"We are talking to our customers, asking them what they need, what they want, and then with the help of our range of Total Transport Solution products, we can deliver them a more profitable outcome," he said.

"The business of running a fleet, whether line haul or vocational vehicles, has become far more complicated. Asset utilisation and efficiency maximisation is the route to a healthier bottom line. "That's where Scania Total Transport Solutions can help. The concept is flexible, offering a menu of services that can be individually tailored to their needs, all aimed at delivering greater profitability," he said.

Within the program are individual repair and maintenance contracts, workshop servicing programs, preventative maintenance plans, parts logistics and inventory management, highly mobile remote area servicing teams, financial services, truck rental, driver training and fleet management.

For an operator the Scania Fleet Management and Scania Driver Training can both have a direct and positive impact on fuel and maintenance costs, as well as benefiting road safety.

Scania has Active Services and Parts Account Managers across Australia meeting with customers and explaining the benefits of the Solution Provider Concept.

"What we are saying to our customers is that we are flexible in our approach to meeting your needs to ensure you get the most from your relationship with Scania," Roger said.

Range details

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