Santa hits Kingscliff waves

Santa Snapped Surfing at Kingscliff.
Santa Snapped Surfing at Kingscliff. Blainey Woodham

SWIMMERS and surfers at Kingscliff Beach were amazed to see Santa surfing on Friday morning when the old fellow "dropped in" to catch a wave on his blue Mal.

Complete in his famous red attire, he was no shark biscuit, despite his barrel belly as he caught a bombie and looked pretty swell for a man several hundred years old.

"I don't feel a day over 20 when I'm surfing," he told the Daily News.

"A lot of people are surprised to see me surfing here in Australia, since I come from the North Pole.

"But I'm pretty used to the old 'Eskimo roll' and getting out of the sack early to catch a wave.

"I'm more inclined to wear a wettie under my suit at the North Pole, but I prefer the red shorts.

"I'm less likely to have a "malfunction."

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