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Rogue trucks grounded as police issue 454 tickets in operation

IN A recent operation, New South Wales police grounded rogue trucks and issued 454 defects, infringements and breaches.

Operation North Canuck ran for two days from 6pm Sunday February 17 until 10pm yesterday, with police from Traffic and Highway Patrol and Roads and Maritime Services Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce.

They were set up a number of locations in NSW including:

  • Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour;
  • Pacific Highway, Grafton;
  • New England Highway, Kankool;
  • Newell Highway, Moree.

In a statement NSW police said 184 defect notices, 240 traffic infringements and 30 breach notices were issued to heavy vehicles inspected during the operation.

Over the course of the operation, which targeted speed limiter tampering, drink and drug driving, driver fatigue, vehicle standards and load restraints, 1231 trucks were inspected.

Police said the Electronic Control Modules (ECM) of 304 trucks were downloaded, leading to the discovery that speed limiters from 32 trucks - one in ten of those checked - had been illegally tampered with.

Each of the 32 vehicles have now been grounded for further inspection.

Operations Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol, Superintendent Stuart Smith, said tampering with a truck's speed limiter allowed the vehicle to travel at higher speeds than the 100km/h speed limit.

"In one case, we discovered a truck with an illegal setting, allowing the vehicle to travel at speeds of up to 150km/h," Supt Smith said.

"Quite simply, a truck travelling at 150km/h is an absolute recipe for disaster.

"The state-wide speed limit for trucks on all NSW roads is 100km/h. Any truck with a doctored speed limiter, enabling the vehicle to travel in excess of 100km/h, is a very real threat to the lives of other road users."

Are trucks that travel over 100kmh putting lives at risk?

This poll ended on 28 February 2013.

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Yes, the faster trucks go the more dangerous they are.


No, truck drivers need the extra speed to get themselves out of certain situations.


Truck drivers know how to handle their vehicles and should be allowed to do the same speed as everyone else.


I am unsure.


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Supt Smith added that despite seeing a marked reduction in the number of speeding trucks on NSW roads over the last two years, there was still a rogue element within the industry that was putting deadlines and profits ahead of people's safety.

"Over the last two years, police and RMS have worked hard to remove speeding trucks from our roads," Supt Smith said.

"We have seen some excellent results to date, and there was a marked reduction in the number of trucks detected speeding in 2012 when compared to 2011.

"However, the results of Operation North Canuck clearly demonstrate that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

"We have seen the shocking devastation one speeding truck can cause and want to assure the people of NSW that we will continue to work with RMS Inspectors to get dangerous trucks and truck drivers off our roads."

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