Robbie Reedman
Robbie Reedman Alf Wilson

Robbie's first trucking memory about an old Diamond T

FRIENDLY truckie Robbie Reedman has been involved with trucks since he was just six months old.

So there is little wonder why he is a enthusiastic driver for the family company Retro Roadways which is based at Merino in Victoria.

Big Rigs met up with the 33-year-old as he did some spring cleaning of his Western Star on September 14 in the parking area of the BP Cluden on Townsville's outskirts.

"I have been around trucks since I was born and my dad Glenn and myself are the two drivers for the company,” he said.

Robbie had transported general freight from Melbourne to North Queensland.

"I am waiting for something decent to come up to take back as I'll run empty before I run cheap. My first memories of trucks was about an old Diamond T,” he said.

Robbie likes stopping at the Little Topar Roadhouse near Broken Hill and I asked him were there enough rest areas for drivers?

"Yes and no. There are enough in some areas and not enough in others. It really depends on where you are,” he said.

Government regulations are the major issue facing truckies according to Robbie and many others. Robbie has a sign written on the bottom section of his truck under the number plates. It reads "Overloaded with Government Regulations.”

And this young truckie doesn't shy away from having his name put to the sign.

That is also the case when I asked Robbie what roads he rates as amongst the worst in Australia.

"The majority are in Victoria and there is too many to name them,” he said.

Outside work Robbie loves spending time with his family and has three boys aged eight, 11, and 16.

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