NUDGEE REST AREA: Big Rigs stopped by the new rest area in Brisbane to get feedback from truckies.
NUDGEE REST AREA: Big Rigs stopped by the new rest area in Brisbane to get feedback from truckies. Kate Dodd

Rest area review: Truckies rate new Nudgee stop

QUEENSLAND'S Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey might be singing praises from the rooftops about just how great the new Nudgee rest stop is, but the only opinion that matters is that of the truckies.

So, what do they think of the new $2.7 million rest stop just 15km north of the Brisbane CBD?

While truckie Trevor Warner spoke to Big Rigs back in March just before the rest stop opened, criticising the design stating he thought the parking spaces weren't big enough, truckies parked at the stop recently didn't hold back their happy thoughts.

Paul Friske, an owner driver with about 25 years' experience, hails from the Palms in Gympie and said it was a welcome area with decent sized parking bays.

He said the access to the facilities at the Nudgee Service Centre was fantastic and it was far enough away from other patrons that he was sure he wouldn't disturb anyone by using his icepack.

The only criticism he had was the fact that a few trailers had been left at the stop - he thought it wasn't fair on drivers who wanted to pull up with their truck.

But that wasn't just a local problem, it was a statewide issie, he said.

"It's like at BP Larapinta, there's trucks and trailers everywhere and then you go inside for a feed or shower and there's no truckies about anywhere.”

Archie Edwards, from Bondwoods Transport, said he thought the rest stop was fantastic.

"It's roomy, it's got plenty of room for B-doubles,” he said.

While it was the first time he had stopped there since it had opened, he said other drivers from Bondwoods had said they were all happy to stop and shower there and used the truck wash too.

"It's definitely better than when we used to park out the back. Some guys still do though,” he said.

The rest stop, located next to the Nudgee Shell service centre on the Gateway Motorway, includes 25 new parking bays suitable for a range of heavy vehicles including trucks and buses.

It also has outdoor seating areas, shade, water, lighting and a pedestrian crossing connection to the Nudgee Service Centre.

"Over the next 10 years, the volume of freight moving across Queensland will grow more than 20 per cent, and we want to make sure we're supporting our heavy vehic- les drivers,” Mr Bailey said.

Member for Nudgee Leanne Lindard said the new stop now features on Transport and Main Roads RestSpace app, which boasts a database of almost 3000 Queensland rest stops.

"The RestSpace app has a check-in and check-out function to let other heavy vehicle drivers know whether a rest stop is occupied and allows truck drivers to plan their journey via GPS to include regular rest stops,” said Ms Lindard.

"Driver fatigue is a significant issue for the industry and this rest stop will go a long way to providing drivers with a safe and central location to take a break and check their vehicles.”

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