Remote posting the key to a rewarding policing career

FROM tall buildings to star-lit ceilings, Sergeant Darren Gillis went to the extreme and left WA Police for a more tranquil setting.

Working in the Northern Territory does paint an appealing picture of the lifestyle - the highest police wages and benefits in Australia and New Zealand, free housing, seven weeks leave, a more laidback policing environment and plenty of sun.

While some bumper stickers in the Northern Territory are aptly labelled "Where the hell is Humpty Doo", that suburb is like a city centre compared to Darren's Yuendemu posting of 1300 people, some 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs.

It's that isolation that Darren quickly came to appreciate.

"I'll never forget arriving in Yuendumu on the first day and driving around and seeing just how isolated it is from the rest of the world, but at the same time appreciating the isolation," he said.

"This may sound like a shopaholic's worst nightmare but remote postings in these extreme environments filled with culture are the best ways to learn and appreciate the simple things in life."

Darren said his decision to take up the role in the Northern Territory came down to the conditions, the location and the promotional opportunities.

"Each day is different and there is so much diversity within the NT Police Force," he said. "In Yuendumu I responded to a 60-man riot with one other police officer as back up and the nearest police assistance was 300km away in Alice Springs.

"We had to tactically approach the situation considering our safety first and adopting a planned response to the incident.

"Over the course of the following week we arrested over 15 people for numerous offences including aggravated assault, participating in a riot and other anti-social offences. We worked closely with community elders and local resources to provide mediation to the parties involved and associated families.

"I've since spent two years in Tennant Creek and am now the Sergeant of Metropolitan Patrol Group enjoying the sunshine and fishing in Darwin."

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