Remarks almost fall on deaf ears

FIVE truckies were getting pretty annoyed during a conversation among themselves and another driver at a popular roadhouse.

They had never met before and were enjoying a meal as they discussed such subjects as log books, scalies, fuel costs, women and other things.

But one kept interrupting the others as they were in the middle of their conversation.

A couple of them were on the verge of telling him it was very rude. But another soon found out why from a roadhouse cleaner after going to the toilet outside.

"Old mate in there is a regular here and is totally deaf so if he interrupts, it is because he can't hear."

Explanation accepted, so it was all good then.

Breaking the language barrier

THERE was a queue of truckies waiting to pay for fuel at another roadhouse and the lady serving behind the counter was having difficulties understanding the first customer.

He was a foreigner and wanted to buy a packet of smokes but spoke very little English and was having trouble telling the lady which brand.

This went on for several minutes and a couple of the truckies started to get a bit irate at the delay.

To defuse the situation another roadhouse worker came to the rescue and unlocked the cigarette container to allow the gent to look in. He made his selection and left and the truckies all praised the staff.

What trucker was playing with fire?

ON THE very subject of smoking, there was a well- known veteran truckie who enjoys a puff sitting out the back of a roadhouse.

It was in a non-smoking area near some gas bottles but our man ignored that and lit up.

He was waiting for some food he had ordered and spotted the waitress out of the corner of his eye bringing his tucker.

Quick as a flash he put the smoke out and placed the butt in a small hole in the middle of the cement table.

"Have you been smoking in an area where it is not allowed," she asked. "Not me?" he replied. Spy was sitting at the next table and saw the incident.

Being woken up at night is no treat

A number of truckies who were enjoying a snooze in their sleeper box at a big roadhouse parking area were not too appreciative when woken by some youths on Halloween night in late October.

One told Spy that the youngsters were trick-or-treating and had been visiting houses in a nearby suburb. "We all like the kids having some fun and enjoying themselves but this was late at night and I heard a knock on my sleeper door and opened it up. It was just the wrong time," he said.

No numbers so it's back on the road

THOUSANDS of truckies were among millions of Australians who tried their luck in the huge $70 million and $100 million lotto draws.

Just about every truckie I spoke to before the October 30 and November 6 draws had at least one ticket.

Many were part of syndicates which tried to maximize their chances with more numbers, albeit for a percentage of any dividend.

Those roadhouses which sell lotto reportedly did big business.

Four winning tickets shared the $100 million in the second draw. Unfortunately Spy hasn't heard of any truckies who had big wins.

End in sight for NT river crossing

THE construction of a bridge and roadwork for the notorious Goyder River crossing began this month.

When the work is completed by February 2014, the average wet season road closure there is expected to reduce from four months to several weeks.

The project will include construction of a 14.4km long gravel road and include three new single-lane bridges to cross the Goyder River flood plain.

It will improve access along the central Arnhem Rd and also for transport operators who service the regional centre of Nhulunbuy and remote Gapuwiyak.

Taking it easy

IN A recent column Spy reported about numerous truckies taking part in the Ocsober initiative which encouraged people to give up alcohol for the month of October.

Now that October is history, it is prudent that Spy tells readers of the results.

At the start, 20 enthusiastic truckies said they were trying hard to spend the month alcohol-free.

By the middle of the month, temptation had got the better of more than half, who admitted to imbibing.

By the end of October, all but two had fallen and had a few beers or spirits.

But two, if we are to believe them, reckon they lasted.

One is from Hobart down Apple Isle way and the other from Bendigo.

But both claimed to pop the top off a coldie after work on November 1. "Now that I have gone without alcohol for an entire month I am taking part in Slowvember," one said.

Not to be confused with Movember, it means slowing down on alcohol intake for the second-last month of 2013.

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