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GET UP TO DATE : The New South Wales Centre for Road Safety has launched a new brochure for heavy vehicle owners and operators.
GET UP TO DATE : The New South Wales Centre for Road Safety has launched a new brochure for heavy vehicle owners and operators.

A NEW safety brochure aimed at heavy vehicle operators has been launched by the Centre for Road Safety in New South Wales.

Publishers say the brochure provides the most up to date information on safety technologies for new and existing heavy vehicles and combinations.

Centre for Road Safety General Manager Margaret Prendergast said recent improvements in heavy vehicle design and safety features had made a proven contribution to reducing the number and severity of crashes on NSW roads.

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"Heavy vehicle safety is a top priority for the NSW Government. We want to give heavy vehicle operators crucial information on what they can do to increase the safety of their own vehicle," Ms Prendergast said.

"Over the next few days, heavy vehicle operators across the state will be receiving the brochure and we encourage them to review the information, and see what safety enhancements they can make to their own vehicle.

"If they're in the market for a new heavy vehicle or trailer, this will provide them with a summary of the latest safety technology in the market.

"Heavy vehicles are big, and therefore when involved in a crash with another vehicle, the result can be very serious.

"We want to give heavy vehicle operators all possible information out in the market on safety enhancements for their vehicles which will improve safety for themselves and other road users too."

NSW Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW independently reviewed a wide range of technologies for the brochure including crash avoidance technologies, protection systems and general safety technologies.

"Every technology described in the brochure has a safety benefit and half of these recommended features can be retrofitted to a heavy vehicle," Ms Prendergast said.

"Currently, there is a lot of scattered information on the web making it difficult for people to understand the different types of technologies, how they relate to each other and the benefits they provide.

"We want to provide the heavy vehicle industry with one decisive, go-to booklet which clearly demonstrates the safety benefits when these technologies are installed in their vehicles. This is it."

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