Real steel makes a Peterbilt a work of art

IT HAS been said that a Peterbilt is a “work of art.” It's a “real steel” expression of American originality, a “rolling sculpture”.

Beneath that perfect paint and unique style, there's another Peterbilt – a Peterbilt only visible to you, its owner. You may not see it at first, but it slowly reveals itself, haunting you with a glint of chrome or the deep roar of a new exhaust system.

Over time, it becomes an expression of your own personality; a real owners' truck.

It co-exists with your own spirit and inhabits a place that becomes practically sacred.

Whether your vision is beauty, power or endurance, the options available are almost endless. Only you can find it.

You've seen it – maybe more than once. It's the truck that stops traffic, draws a crowd, creates conversation. It's the truck that seems to have found the perfect combination of chrome, leather and paint; the perfect blend of nostalgia, custom and cool.

It's the truck that everybody always wanted. If you want to create a custom Peterbilt, you'd better be able to answer one question: “Are you ready to be the most popular person on the road?”

American Truckworks is the spin-off of Truckworks, a South Australian company, which has specialised in heavy vehicle towing, recovery and repairs utilising state-of-the-art techniques and has been servicing the transport industry with fully qualified experts for more than 40 years.

A gap in the current truck market has been identified by American Truckworks which has turned its hand to importing Peterbilt trucks to Australia and converting them to right-hand drive to meet Australian Design Rule standards.

The imported Peterbilt trucks are custom designed according to specific requests. From the initial contact right through to the high-quality end result, these trucks are the “cream of the crop”.

A Peterbilt is like the Rolls Royce of American trucks or the Harley Davidson of trucks if you like ... an icon. They are a niche truck not aimed at the fleet owners. These trucks are the flag waver, or the hero of their fleet capable of real work.

Forget plastic or fibreglass panels mostly used on other trucks. You can be assured that Peterbilt trucks are still made with metal panels, including the bonnet. It has a double thickness steel firewall and a steel floor, keeping up with the traditional style of building trucks that last.

By adding the Peterbilt “severe service option”, there is no problem tackling the Australian road conditions as a road train.

Most of the Peterbilt trucks on sale in the US are not designed, nor are they tough enough, to deal with Australian conditions.

However, Truckworks' managing director Lyndon Reynolds has found one that has a specification designed and used for trucks that travel the long, harsh roads to service an Alcoa factory in Canada, the Alcan Highway and logging roads of Canada and Alaska.

American Truckworks builds trucks for those who have been through the hard times, have done the hard yards and now want to spoil themself with a real truck, “a touch of class”.

Be prepared to be noticed.

“It's all about class,” Mr Reynolds said.

American Truckworks congratulates the following for the delivery of their new Peterbilt:

Terry of Straitline Transport, Townsville, Qld; Wayne of Minerite Transport, Mackay, Qld; Mark of Mark Morton Haulage, Cudgegong, NSW; Jason of A&J Haulage, Melbourne, VIC; Rex of Desert Sands, Laverton, WA.

Disclaimer: Peterbilt is a registered trade mark of PACCAR Inc., neither Truckworks nor American Truckworks are affiliated with PACCAR Inc.

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