UPDATE 5PM: THE Department of Transport and Main Roads has issued a statement this afternoon stating it will seek ways to minimise delays on the Toowoomba Range.

A spokesman said the department was considering options such as adding an extra work shift to enable work to occur 24 hours a day.

"While we apologise for the delay to motorists, this is crucial work that needs to occur," he said.

"Information will be displayed on the approaches to the Range so drivers can make decisions about taking alternate routes.

The spokesman said the works on Murphys Creek Rd were originally planned to be completed before the Range works began.

However rain in the early parts of 2013 pushed the finish date back.

"Discussions are continuing with all contractors involved to reduce this overlap" he said.

EARLIER: MOTORISTS experienced the first of many delays on the Toowoomba Range this morning and some of them were not afraid to let their feelings known.

Traffic began to bank up from the Saddle east towards Withcott early this morning.

One motorist, clearly frustrated with the long delays, told The Chronicle it had taken him almost an hour to travel from Withcott to the Saddle.

Are you happy to put up with a year of delays if it means the Toowoomba Range will be safer to travel on?

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"This is bull****!," he said from the cab of his truck while he waited in the queue of traffic travelling up The Range.

"It's taken me over 50 minutes to get to here. What a joke!"

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Unfortunately for motorists, this is only the first day of delays as the massive works begin.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads predict the safety upgrades to extend until early 2014.

Roadworks are under way on the Toowoomba Range.
Roadworks are under way on the Toowoomba Range. Callum Bentley

To add to the chaos, alternative routes via Murphys Creek are still not an option.

Numerous parts of Murphys Ck Rd through Ballard are still undergoing roadworks, causing further delays across the diversion route.

You can view traffic cameras monitoring the Toowoomba Range here.

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Training needed to understand diaries

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