Rainy day doesn't get in way of truck show

FANTASTIC SHOW: James Cremona took some great shots of the rigs on display at the Bathurst Show.
FANTASTIC SHOW: James Cremona took some great shots of the rigs on display at the Bathurst Show. Trucks

THE weather can make or break a truck show.

On the one hand, bad weather can scare away but the punters, but on the other hand it shows the die-hard truckers, the ones who won't let 50mm of rain scare them away from showing off their pride and joy.

Bathurst Truck Show, held mid-November this year was one such event, where the quality of rigs on display showed the enthusiasm that the central west of New South Wales has for it͛s rigs, even in the face of torrential rain.

Bathurst SHow
Bathurst SHow Trucks

Travelling from all points of NSW, with three Klos trucks from Melbourne making an appearance, just under a hundred trucks featured in the show this year. Although many rigs on display were show quality trucks, they are regular working rigs, and damn good looking business investments.

Big Rigs caught up with Daniel Piergrosse, who had his Peterbilt 379 on show, who told us: "It's a shame about the weather, but it's a good chance to catch up with a good bunch of blokes, and see some cool lorries.”

Bathurst SHow
Bathurst SHow Trucks

Chatting to Dane Ballinger, one of the organisers and driving forces behind the show, he told Big Rigs: "I'm pretty rapt with the turn-out, despite the rain.”

"I'd like to thank Gilbert & Roach and Vawdrey Trailers for getting behind the event, and I'd like to make special mention of Brad and the crew from Yass Valley Tyre Service, who put in a big effort to be here.

"One other company I would like to make mention of, is Mangan Logging, who managed to get their trucks here and looking so neat, despite the fact they spend half their time on the side of mountains.

"Actually, that came in handy when it was time to clear the grounds, we used their expertise in pulling nine or 10 bogged trucks from the field.

"One of the biggest new truck shows on the calendar, the 2017 Bathurst Truck Show shows the love that the central west has for their big rigs.”

Bathurst SHow
Bathurst SHow Trucks

Shane Cassidy of Cassidy Trucking, who travelled from the Southern Highlands in his 1979 International 2670 said he was blown away by the amount of people who still turned out, seeing as this year was wet, and last year was incredibly hot.

"By my calculations next year will be the year to turn up as it will have all evened out.”

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