QTA CEO Gary Mahon and president Julie Russell.
QTA CEO Gary Mahon and president Julie Russell. Kirstin Payne

QTA calls for Govt infrastructure and agility

THE Queensland Trucking Association has fired the first shot in the upcoming Queensland state elections revealing their major infrastructure and policy priorities for the industry at the Annual awards night earlier this month.

"Tonight I have the opportunity to speak directly to politicians and government representatives who are with us, with the state election looming it is the opportunity I dare not pass up,” QTA president Julie Russell told the crowd during her address.

The audience included Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports Mark Bailey MP, Assistant Minister for Transport and Main Roads Andrew Powell MP and members of the ATA, WARTA, NTRTA and NHVR.

"When you look at the spread of the population, 55% of us live in four cities around Australia,” Ms Russell said.

"Australia is an export nation - the road freight networks within states, across states and to our shipping ports remain a focus for ensuring the efficient distribution of goods.”

Ms Russell explained efficiency in road freight wasn't a luxury, it is an imperative for the nation, with the transport sector contributing close to 9% of Australia's GDP.

"This is a statistic we believe warrants our priority in the infrastructure investment that is necessary to give us a comparative advantage in moving freight,” she said.

Ms Russell went on to highlight the association's key road freight priorities moving forward.

"In anticipation of the state election we are seeking more focus afforded to be awarded to the freight task by, matching freight routes to the best vehicle combinations available,” she said.

"We want Queensland to advance.

"And to do so we seek road access and planning to allow for and embrace more efficient vehicle combinations on our roads.”

This included bringing forward bridge investment to unlock that potential efficiency.

The second point highlighted by the association was the need for greater agility in the adoption of innovation, safety and efficiency measures.

"In other words what we are asking for are more yes's and in a faster time rate,” Ms Russell said.

Finally the industry association is also seeking a fair charging regime that acknowledges the ever growing use of toll roads.

"There must be a consideration of the costs that these roads impose on our community,” Ms Russell said.

"We want to ensure fair charging regime for Toowoomba range crossing.”

The QTA said they will continue to focus on creating positive outcomes and productivity gains for both our industry and our state and remain appreciative of the consideration and engagement offered by state and local governments.

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