Puncture of worst sort

THERE are fewer things more annoying for truckies than a tyre puncture.

However one South Australian driver would gladly have traded one of those for his "puncture of a different type".

The normally happy gent was rushed to hospital after feeling very ill and ended up in the emergency department short-stay ward.

Doctors did numerous tests and the next morning the truckie had a medical procedure called a lumbar puncture to determine if he was suffering meningitis.

He said it involved a long needle being inserted into his back to gather cerebrospinal fluid.

Fortunately he didn't have meningitis and all other tests came back negative for Ross River and Dengue fever.

He was told it must have been a nasty virus.

Several other truckies Spy has told of the incident also said that in the past years they had required a lumbar puncture.

They hope it doesn't happen to you.

Knight of the road

IT was raining cats and dogs down at Latrobe in Tasmania in late August when one middle- aged truckie became a knight in shining armour.

An elderly lady pulled over beside the road after one of her front tyres punctured on August 29.

Scores of vehicles just drove past obviously because of the downpour.

But then along came a gentleman truckie who stopped and changed the tyre for the senior citizen.

"He got as wet as shag but really helped out the grateful lady," another truckie told Spy by phone.

That masked trucker?

WHEN you think of a masked man and lots of cops, visions come immediately of some serious crime scene.

But that was far from the case during the Convoy for Kids in Townsville on August 19.

A well known truckie known as "Aidy" was behind the wheel of one of the trucks wearing an old man's mask.

"The cops really looked at me I can tell you but then realised it was part of the atmosphere," Aidy told Spy. When Aidy arrived in his truck at the Family Fun Day he talked his truckie mate Eric Beecham into trying on the mask as his partner Annette looked on (their picture appeared in the last edition).

As the laughter from nearby truckies finished Aidy came up with another humorous statement.

"Eric is a bloody handsome truckie but he is wearing the mask to show what he and other drivers will look like in 30 years time," Aidy said.

Money talks

A WELL-known owner driver was standing in front of his flashy new Coronado Freightliner and it was being admired by a few other drivers.

One remarked that he would love to own such a truck.

On hearing that the owner asked him, "Would you like to buy it?"

The swift reply came, "I can't afford it."

Owner had the final word with this, "Neither can I."

Jimmy Riddles angers

IT is the time of the year when huge horse racing events are held at provincial towns across this vast country.

These can cause genuine angst among truckies especially when these meetings are near roadhouses.

After one huge event many revelers had to wait for long periods to catch a "left jab" or cab home.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol took its toll on many who resorted to walking across to a local roadhouse parking area for a "Jimmy Riddle" or piddle.

"Several blokes aged in their twenties were having a Jimmy Riddle on the trailer of my truck and I gave them a blast. To be fair they moved away to behind a small tree," one said.

Another told Spy he saw no humour in a remark by one of the piddlers who said it would clean his dirty truck.

This happens every year.

Sweet revenge

THERE are few things which anger truckies more than car drivers who blatantly ignore the road rules especially when they put lives at risk.

Especially when an incident occurs at road works along the highway where one lane is closed. These are controlled by automatic lights.

The ones where you wait on the red light whilst traffic in the other direction moves along the open lane.

Half a dozen truckies had been patiently waiting for their green light.

When it came they took off on the one lane and about 100m along saw a Holden Commodore which was coming towards them. It had obviously took off on a red light so the truckies continued on at 20km per hour.

"The Commodore driver managed to find a spot to pull off on some rough soil and we just hope there was a camera there so he can be breached," one said.

Quamby end of era

IT is with some sadness that Spy reports that the historical Quamby Hotel in outback Queensland has closed its doors.

Quamby is 40km north of Cloncurry and the grand old pub was a popular watering hole for truckies, ringers and tourists.

Spy enjoyed many a cold amber fluid there some years ago and can vividly recall when a truckie told him of seeing a UFO craft hovering outside late one night.

This was brushed off as the driver having one too many spirits or beers or whatever else results in such hallucinations.

On another occasion Spy was heading back home after attending the Kajabbi Yabby Races and had a beer or ten with some off duty drivers.

Amongst the truckies who stayed there were many from interstate and they will be saddened to hear of the closure.

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